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Delivery And Shipping

You will receive a call, email, and SMS when you place an order; in which information regarding delivery and order details will be provided. All orders are delivered by will not be responsible to deliver if the customer is unavailable to accept the delivery. All undeliverable orders will be returned to us. For further arrangements, we may contact you at the provided contact.

An order maybe undelivered if:
  • The package is damaged in transit
  • Delivery is refused by you
  • Delivery address provided is incorrect
  • On public holidays or due to any unforeseen factors the order is undeliverable, we will deliver it in the next earliest date

Our delivery agent will require a signature from you on an invoice copy to ensure that the delivery has been accepted by you.

Only select locations are eligible for free delivery.

A location may be eligible for delivery based on our delivery facilities. Locations that are ineligible for free delivery will be charged based on our standard rates.

We ensure that all orders are delivered with standard packaging supplied by the manufacturer of the products.

Delivery date will be indicated to the customer based on the delivery location and availability of your order items. Delivery Date is indicated as a range between the earliest possible date of delivery and the last date of delivery. We ensure that all orders are delivered within the range of the indicated delivery date. If an order is not delivered by the estimated delivery date, we may contact you through call, SMS, and email for further arrangements.

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